there was a time, when i was very young, when i was connected to everything in and around me. i remember being conscious of it. i could experience synesthesia to a degree that i believed i was exhaling colours, moving music, exchanging energetic fields with flowers… what’s funny is that i also forwarned myself  that this would one day be difficult for me. in that instant of fear and sadness, i vowed never to lose myself to the object- illusions of the world. the tricks in what we see, what we’re told exists or is important, come to dictate our lives and we forget all the rest. in this moment too, i didn’t fully believe this premonition, since my connectedness was so whole…

it is, in fairness to being human, a trait only natural in the distance time creates from the womb. we spend our whole lives trying to be as connected to something again. when things shake us, we realize just how hard it is to be fully whole, we feel the holes that have been burned through our psyche that have not healed. but our ability to grow is still there. we need only to choose.

say your piece.

say your peace.


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